Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tata Nano, getting on the competition's nerves

It was only yesterday I was discussing how Professor Gordon Murray was talking about redesigning the car and reducing parts, and after watching an online interview with the designers of the Tata Nano, he is not the only one. Apparently Tata motors designers and engineers had the same idea and after designing and redesigning the car several times they have managed to reduce the number of parts used for the production of the car (car door handle, wheel bolts, etc).

This is one of the reasons for the outrageous $2,500 price tag and is probably why the CEO of competitors Bajaj Auto is evidently upset in his online interview at the BBC. Tata have undercut the competition by 50% and Indian economy is booming. It looks to me like the VW of the East. I wonder if it will catch on? I can see it now, psychedelic designs on the hood and full purple shag carpeting interiors with a gigantic peace sign hanging from the rear view mirror. Or not.


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