Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Former McLaren F1 Designer: My Design Will Shake Up The Industry

Designer of the McLaren F1 and many other Formula One cars, Professor Gordon Murray, has been working on a new design for a car, “rethinking the car as we know it” that will shake up the industry, according to his statements to the BBC.

After years of experience on the track and in the office designing some of the fastest cars in the world, Professor Murray has taken to the design of a new aspect in motoring. Lowering emissions. Nothing new there, you might think, and you made a green post yesterday, but give the man a second

He is not dealing with creating a more fuel efficient engine or a new hybrid or electric car. There are plenty of those around. He is dealing with weight. Professor Murray claims that the entire design of the car needs to be rethought, that everything from the bolt holding the wheel to the car, the energy used when the bolt is shipped, and even the energy used to create the bolt is being checked. That and the weight of the car seem to be his two main concerns, as car companies seem to be making bigger and heavier green cars, which automatically makes it harder for them to move, thus more expensive. He aims to design a new car in every sense of the word.

It is as though we have been trapped in this image of the car and find it hard to think of any other shape than a loosely rectangular or oval shape with four wheels attached. I’ll be looking forward to what the man that used to design the fastest most efficient cars in the world has in mind. A light, fun and efficient vehicle. And something tells me it’ll corner like it’s on rails.


Sounds interesting tho! And what i observed from different designs of the efficient cars is that we will "obviously" get a rectangular or oval shaped with 4 wheels at the bottom hahaha...we should not expect more than that if we are speaking about a vehicle that gotta run on road with 4 wheels..
still ...the designs do convince me and do have the wow factor like bugatti, some of feraris...


Never underestimate human ingenuity and imagination. The man is right, we are trapped with this one image in our head and nobody really experiments with that. I'm not saying that I have a better design in mind, but maybe professor Murray has envisioned something new. Either that or he spent too much time near the fumes in the pits...hehe


has anybody heard anything about cars working with water? I had a discussion with some pals the other night, and they mentioned it's possible.... :0
But even so, who said that we need water less than oil?
Any thoughts?

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