Thursday, March 20, 2008

Captain John Terry Blocks Disabled bay

What’s going on lately with famous people been caught breaking road traffic laws. It wasn’t long ago I came across the Jeremy Clarkson’s case and the storm created by a picture showing him being on the phone while driving. Now it was John Terry’s turn, England’s football team captain to face press.

This time though, the offence was deliberate. John Terry decided the best way to be in close proximity to the restaurant he dinned with his family in Surrey, was to park illegally in a disabled spot. The arrogant move caused outrage to shoppers and by-passers contemning the action especially as a 50p car park was very close. The accused British “raw model”, also seen leaving Stamford Bridge few days ago without wearing a seatbelt, didn’t seem to break a sweat over the £60 parking fine found on his Bentley’s windscreen.

Whereas, I perceive Jeremy Clarkson as being a silly offender who could at least have the courtesy of using a hand’s free device, John Terry on the other hand gives a grand example of social indifference. Disability Association Radar expressed they discomfort for the incident stating “disabled bays are there for disabled people, who need to be closer than other to where they have to go. They should not be abused by people who don’t need them”.

I wonder if Greece’s recent outrageous financial penalties for traffic offenders would bring results in the UK. So, a query for the Minister of Transportation; Sir, I doubt that even John Terry of a £100K per week salary would block disabled bays if the fine was £600, instead of £60, would you agree with me on that?


It's not about the money, is it? I mean, this is just a way to tell people what you are doing is bad....

It's a pity that a 28 year old famous football player still needs someone to tell him what's good or bad....

Well, Fiona you are quite right here, but a few people need stronger persuasive means :)

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