Friday, March 14, 2008

Lightning GT-Electric Supercar

Does your knowledge on electric cars ranges only from G-Wiz to Toyota Prius? Then there is a whole world which will unfold for your eyes only starting from these few humble lines. Before you start wondering what electric cars have anything to do with the astonishing model in the photo you can’t recognize, stop thinking for a second.

When back in 2006 The Lightning Car Company announced a project on developing electric technology for a British supercar most people thought they are having a laugh. "Let them laugh" said those environment considerate maniacs and went on and designed Lightning GT. The name might be slightly on the tacky side but I couldn’t care less.

Lightning GT is an electric supercar, powered by NanoSafe™ and is proud to present features such as 700 bhp, 0-62 mph in less than 4’’ and top speed of over 130mph. Dressed up in classic British sports car outfit, racing technology and state of the art battery power & engine technology this car is years ahead. It is actually designed and developed thoroughly in the UK, showing of looks attracting even those arrogant Jaguar XK drivers. The Lightning GT produces NO emissions, it charges up in 10’ sufficient for 250 miles and is equipped with some kind of alien technology charging up the battery when braking, slowing down or travelling downhill!!

You are stubborn tough cookie if I haven’t talked you into selling your Ferrari yet. Oh, forgot to add in the packet no congestion charge or road taxes, rewarding a absolute A grade green rating and driving costs 10 times cheaper that its petrol running rivals. Need more? Right, sorry I forgot the satellite navigation and iPod interface and for those weirdoes who love the engine sound Lightning GT comes with virtual engine sound and no danger of the tank blowing up!!

Yeah, now get rid of that Ferrari; I think Lightning comes in red as well.


Its brilliant, my jaw dropped when I first came across it. Thank you for the comment

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