Wednesday, March 05, 2008

German legend relives - VW Sciroco

The 70's legendary Volkswagen Scirocco has returned. Born from the divine hand of Giorgetto Giugiaro back in 1974, Sciroco landmarked a major part of the most important era in automotive design and technology.

Practical sport cars and coupe vehicles for everyday use started emerging in the European market targeting an extensive consumer group. It was an excellent choice for all those new drivers anticipating to put their newly acquired skills into test, or should we say onto the asphalt. But it was also a tempting sin for the matures drivers bored of their heavy sedan and fancy something more... perky.

The all new Sciroco is here. Based on IROC, a model first introduced to the public in Paris Motor Show 2006, the new model will be arriving the European markets fairly soon. Sciroco will be available with three TSI (gasoline direct-injection) engines of 122, 160 or 200 hp and a TDI of 140 hp. I was surprised by the hi-tech gizmos in the control system but it was for the 17-inch alloy wheels that put a smile on my face. Sciroco's design does pay tribute to its 70's ancestor, though it certainly looks sharp and stylish. You may notice the elongated roof, providing a little extra legroom for those poor back seat passengers. From a front angle it resembles - and pardon the blasphemy - the new Evo X. It sounds crazy I know, but it does. In the end of the day, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".


Great news, my father head the old one and he passed it on to me. I converted it a bit, basically to improve its outdated looks. Although from the 70's it felt great driving a retro coupe. It collapsed recently, looking forward for the arrival of the new one though.
Many thanks

Thanks for the article. I heard that in German slang VW is called "Fritz Wagen" or something like that, because is a common car for the average citizen. Probably Fritz is like John Smith or something...

I would like to read about some healthy Eastern car makes like Lada, Raba or Pobeda, though. :)

Volkswagen is one of the famous car manufacturing CO. there are so many peoples in the world who crazy for VW cars. I think R32 is also a one of the legend cars of VW.

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