Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Auto Brake" by Volvo

Frankfurt Motor Show will host Volvo with its new Collision Warning with Auto Brake. This is a warning system which automatically pre-charges the car brakes in case a rear end collision ahead is about to happen.

The system will be an option offered with Adaptive Distance Alert on and Cruise Control in the Volvo V70, S80 and XC70 and will cost about 1,300 pounds.

The function of this system is based on a radar and camera that detects vehicles ahead whether stationary or moving. Once it detects anything suspicious, an audio signal sounds to alert the car driver while on the head-up a light display flashes. Subsequently, the brakes are pre-charged and then activated automatically if an imminent collision is detected by the system.

Adaptive Cruise Control is offered with the option of maintaining a steady distance from the car ahead while cruising.

Moreover, Distance Alert helps the driver to keep a safe distance to the vehicle ahead even though the Adaptive Cruise Control is not activated, by simply displaying visual information on the head-up display.

British weather though may cause problems to the system's function as fog, poor light or snow make the system unusable.


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