Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thousands in line to be let off speeding fines

Have you been convicted of a speeding offence recently? If so, you may be able to contest your conviction due to a technical error involving many of the UK’s road signs.

The Crown Prosecution Service says a cock-up on the M42 in Warwickshire means many of the speeding tickets issued on two stretches of road could be voided because the variable speed-limit signs didn’t meet traffic regulations. Some of the electronic signs which inform drivers of changing speed limits – Advanced Motorway Indicators – are said to have been in the wrong sized font.
This may seem like a triviality, and it is. But there could be a lot to gain from this little loophole. Thousands of people were caught by speed cameras on that stretch of road – between junctions 3a to 7 and junctions 7 to 9 – until November 2012, when Warwickshire police stopped using the signs and halted prosecutions.

It’s estimated as many as 11,000 people could be entitled to claim back their fines and have their points reinstated. The Highways Agency says the signs did comply with the regulations, although the CPS and Warwickshire Police are advising people who were nabbed on the M42 before November last year to seek independent advice, as they could have been falsely prosecuted.


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