Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Toyota to Recall 7.4 Million Vehicles

Toyota has announced that a faulty window switch, installed during production, will mean that more than seven million cars worldwide will have to return to Toyota garages to solve the problem. This includes Yaris, Camry and Corolla models.

138,000 cars in the UK have been recalled from the 1.39 million affected cars in Europe. The largest single recall since 1998 – when Ford recalled 8 million vehicles – will see 2.47 million cars in the US and 1.4 million in China return to Toyota garages. The UK models affected are the Auris, Corolla, RAV4 and the Yaris produced between 2005 and 2010.

Steve Settle, Customer Services Director for Toyota GB, apologised for the anxiety caused by the recall but reassured drivers that the fault posed little threat to road safety. "What we're talking about is the power switch on the driver's door and there is a very, very outside chance that there could be melting inside the switch," he said, "But there are some vehicle agencies around the world that interpret melting as fire. We've no evidence of fire and our engineer testing of this item doesn't reveal any chance of fire."
Toyota has yet to announce how much the recall will cost. Fixing the switch problem will only take about 40 minutes. However, even with a small problem and simple solution, this has further damaged Toyota’s reputation as one of the largest selling car firm in the world following the 2009 recall of their cars when reports of accelerator pedals getting stuck underneath car mats proved a large problem. That recall affected 12 million cars in total.

Toyota was recently set back by the 2011 tsunami, devastating production facilities in the company’s native Japan. Recent tensions between Japan and China over a territorial dispute have also seen plummeting sales figures in China.

The number of cars in this recall equal that of the company’s total sales for the entirety of its last financial year. 


Toyota has announced that a faulty window switch never seem brfore

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