Thursday, September 06, 2012

Volkswagen’s Golf Mk7 Launched

We mentioned a few months back how excited we were about the launch of the new VW Golf well, after months of anticipation, Volkswagen have finally unveiled their 2013 Golf model and it’s garnered a huge amount of critical acclaim.

The previous incarnations of the Golf have put it ahead as VWs best-selling vehicle and the newest 7th-Generation model looks set to wow the market.

The car itself is 0.5 inches wider and 2.2 inches longer than the previous versions. The wheel’s have been moved further forward and the car lowered by 0.8inches. Even with these body modifications, VW have managed to make the mk7 Golf 220 pounds lighter than the 2012 model. This is due to VWs use of ultrahigh-tensile metals, a redesign of the engine and reworked electrical architecture to remove unnecessary weight from the car’s wiring and gadgetry (6 pounds were shaved from the air-conditioning unit alone) as well as adjustments made to the manufacturing of the car components, for example the seats have been manufactured to be lighter.

The new Golf sports VWs innovative MQB Platform, shared throughout all of the car’s manufactured by the VW Group. This includes Audi, Skoda and Seat and will help make their cars more uniform beneath the aesthetics, leading to a more consistent ride across the models, as well as increasing efficiency in producing or repairing parts for those cars.

All of these tweaks and edits to how VW assemble their cars has resulted in a much lighter car and means that the new Golf will be far more fuel-efficient than previous models. The lower centre of gravity gives the car a sportier and tighter drive too, meaning that cruising through town will be a wonderful pleasure and an improvement on an already great ride.

Not only is it easy on the wallet by saving you fuel, it’s easy on the eye too. With sharper lines, it creates a far more striking image in the publicity shots. It’s only a matter of time until we see these beauties gliding down motorways and showing up the older models.

The inside is easy on the passengers too. With the car being longer and the wheels moving forward, the new Golf will have added room in the passenger footstall, as well as more room around the head and shoulder areas. VW have installed a 5.8inch touchscreen information/entertainment centre in the dashboard, which can be upgraded to an 8inch navigation screen on premier models. The interior itself is gorgeously designed and looks as high-tech as you’d expect from such a reliable manufacturer.

The car itself is expected to be premiered live at the 2012 Paris Motor Show later this month. No price or availability guidelines have been released at this stage.


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