Friday, September 14, 2012

AIRPod - The New Air-Powered Car

Developed in Luxembourg by MDI Enterprises, the AIRPod is the latest eco-friendly car concept to be announced. The idea has merit, running machines from pneumatic power has been tried in locomotives, airplanes and horseless carriages, but none have particularly taken off.

The released stats about the car are fairly impressive. Boasting 125-miles per tank and a 1-5 minute refill, it could easily destroy the slowly-rising numbers of electric cars on the roads. It’s also incredibly affordable, with a $10,000 price tag it would be available to all sorts of families and individuals and with the UK governments stance on eco-friendly vehicles it would be tax-free on the road. Not using petrol would also contribute to making this one of the cheapest vehicles to own and run.

The car includes an electric engine so that drivers can convert air into power as they drive, or alternatively use air pumps from charging stations. Right now, the car can only reach speeds of between 28 and 43 mph, which is a hindrance for anyone expecting to do more than simply drive about town, and the car itself is only a one-seater as of yet, so some design work will have to be done to bring it to market.

It’s currently in a prototype stage and we won’t see it on UK roads for quite some time, hopefully by then the design will have been improved. If there’s one thing that prototype eco-friendly vehicles have in common, it’s that the designs are really quite peculiar.


If this kind of a car will come to the commercial market, I think much of the issues related to the price hikes in gasoline etc will be resolved easily. But who knows which government may allow it and which may not? Good post.



AIRPod The New Air-Powered Car
for me It’s not incredibly affordable, with a $10,000 price.

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