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Friday, April 13, 2012

A different kind of sweet luxury object

This is the 1964 James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. Released in 1963, it was an evolution of the final series of DB4. The DB series was named honoring David Brown (the head of Aston Martin from 1947–1972).

It comes with revolving license plates, ejector seat, bullet-proof shield, oils slick sprayer, the first “GPS”, machine-guns and much more… but not just in the film, the car is actually equipped with every feature seen in the film, only the machineguns are, of course, disarmed (Actually they were never armed).

After 40 years in the hands of the American broadcasting boss Jerry Lee, the car was sold £2.6m in 2010. Jerry Lee bought the car originally for 12,000 US dollars in 1969. But why would someone sell this unique car driven by the first James bond, Sean Connery?

For charity! The proceeds of the sale will go to Jerry Lee’s charitable foundation supporting education and anti-crime projects internationally.


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