Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unusual Car Colours

The colour of a car can change the way people perceive its driver and can increase or decrease the vehicles resale value. Some cars are famous for being in a certain colour, such as a red Ferrari or a black cab others famous cars are popular in a multitude of shades and tones including minis and VW golfs. The colour is usually the first thing a person will notice when they see a vehicle, especially if they are not aware of the different car manufactures.
Some luxury car manufacturers have understood this concept and created special edition versions of their cars with unusual paint jobs. We have included three of the latest trends below; 
The Matte Black Rolls Royce
One of the latest trends in the automobile world is the colour matte black. The shade of black is not reflective and makes the vehicle look like a car on a frosty day. The Rolls Royce Phantom was one of the first cars to be coated in the shade and created a lot of discussion.
Following the popularity of the matte black phantom, other companies have started producing their cars in the colour, garages have offered matt black vinyl coverings to make your car matte black and even make up companies have adopted the colour in their products.

All Chrome Bugatti
If the Matte Black Rolls Royce doesn’t make you stand out enough, the all chrome Bugatti may just be your car of choice. The Bugatti Veyron is already one of the most stand-out and expensive vehicles a person could purchase. The chromed Bugatti turns your looks comes with a black stripe in the center which perfectly complements the colour. The best thing about it is that the colour is applied to a Bugatti Veyron which is one of the most powerful sports vehicles in the world.

Mercedes Benz with Diamonds
To celebrate the Diamond Anniversary of the Mercedes SL Class the company released a limited edition, Diamond Encrusted Mercedes SL Class. Only 50 vehicles were produced and each is expected to sell for approximately $4.8 million, making the cars one of the most expensive in the world


4.8 million $??????? I think this is the most expensive car ever

I think the diamond Mercedes is a dream of every girl....

Matte color is o really one of the latest trends in cars industry. I love this black color of Rolls Royce.

I really like the black phantom. It looks pretty aggressive and fast even though it is more a car where you sit in the backseat and let somebody else drive. I would definitely choose the Phantom comparing it to the other cars.

The Chrome Bugatti is rather tacky... I liked the matte black one better. Also in the past I used to see chameleon coloured cars: depending on the angle you were looking, the colour was slightly changed.
And last but not least I agree that a Ferrari should always come in red.

The Mercendes Benz with the Diamonds, is something unique. Two of the most expensive and beautiful things in the world combined together and make the most expensive car in the world. I wonder though who will be those 50 people that would afford to give $4.8 million for a car??

How dumb a person can be for putting the black mat finish paint on such an expensive car. This paint looks cool on sports car or small car but not on such a luxurious car. It has lost all the luxury from that paint.

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