Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Evolution of McLaren Road Cars

McLaren is one of the leaders in the car manufacturing industry because of their ability to push the boundaries in making the fasters road vehicles. Although they are known to be expensive, they always ensure that their buyers get what they pay for through quality and power of the McLaren vehicle.
The McLaren Mustang and F1
The McLaren Mustang is one of the first road vehicles and became available to the public during the late 80s. It’s practically a road vehicle with technology that can rival the McLaren F1 racing cars. These are powerful but highly maneuverable. Many do not regard the McLaren Mustang as its first road vehicle because it’s practically a concept (only ten were made).
The F1 is the first road vehicle from McLaren with the capacity to the speed of 60mph in just three seconds. It’s the fastest car during the early 90s and its successors became leaders in racing circuits such as Le Mans 24 Hours.
McLaren Mercedes MP4/98T
Another popular vehicle from McLaren road cars is the McLaren Mercedes MP4/98T which provides additional seating at the back for passengers. This became a very popular vehicle because it allows a passenger to experience the speed of a McLaren car without driving.
McLaren MP4-12C HS
The latest iteration from McLaren is currently its most popular vehicle. The McLaren MP4-12C HS (High Sport) is a gorgeous vehicle specifically built for speed. The vehicle will feature carbon fiber in most of its parts to ensure it’s lightweight but strong enough to handle the unspecified horsepower of the vehicle. 


McLaren are the best cars! There are super fast with perfect design and the best technology. The McLaren F1 is my dream car! I love the design and the power of McLaren

The Merclaren Mercedes is a classic car and I;m glad they haven't moved too far away from its original design with the new iterations. Despite Bugatti's latest powerhouse the McLaren is still faster than an Enzo or a Lambo and has a certain mystique about it.

I heard in the McLaren F1 to minimize the total weight of the car, the speakers in the car doesn't contain magnets and all handles etc are made from aluminium - now that's amazing!

I don't think that Mclaren is still the fastest car now. I remember I use to play nfs II in that the Mclaren was always the fastest car. But since the launch of the Bugatti Veron no car was able to beat it.

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