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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Legendary Mercedes SL

Mercedes SL’s are a highly popular series of vehicles due to their beauty and the way they embody power. Introduced in 1954, the SL stands for the German phrase, “Sport Leicht” which means “Sports Lightweight”. After more than six decades, the Mercedes SL class still ranks among the best grand tourer vehicles in the world.
Everything started with the 1954 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. It’s a beautiful vehicle inside and out and it’s most distinctive feature is the upward motion of its doors. The vehicle comes with 225hp which is more than enough for a standard road vehicle during the 50s.
The introduction of the 1963 SL class set another feat for Mercedes. The attractive vehicle features a lower body and increased windows even on the convertibles. The 1963 SL is also known for its variety of versions. The first SL only comes with 4-speed manual transmission but the 1963 version comes with 4-speed manual and auto as well as the 5-speed manual.
The third generation of SLs may have started in 1972 but it was the latest 3rd generation model released in 1989 that made the biggest impact. Every advantage on the vehicle learned by Mercedes on the past were applied on the 1989 SL such as bigger discs and the use of pot breaks for better control.
The 5th generation Mercedes SL available in 2008 is regarded as the epitome of the SL in modern era. The beautiful facelift on the front with the same design as the original 1954 model made it a popular choice among car collectors as well as those who want something more than just a basic road vehicle.


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