Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ford Focus ST Review

Ford is constantly looking for ways to bridge consumers with performance vehicles that focus on speed and manoeuvrability. After releasing a couple of signature series under the name Focus, since 1998, Ford finally revealed the Ford Focus ST for the first time in 2005. With a top speed of 152mph, Ford Focus ST had been the fastest hot hatch of its time until 2009, when the automaker released the second RS model.
At first glance, it looks like a budget-friendly Aston Martin look-a-like, due to its front grill and hatchback design. When it comes to design, Ford Focus is a little bit off the track with the addition of the whale tale. The addition of the whale tale at the back makes it look like a vehicle from the late 90s and early 2000 but it comes with a distinct functionality to ensure the car’s stability. Exhaustive tests are impressive when it comes to manoeuvrability because it can easily breeze through challenging wind conditions especially in high speed.
The Ford Focus ST may not have its own design style but the vehicle is extraordinary inside and has a sensational handling and steering. The family car doesn’t have a lot of space for four passengers but the dashboard makes up for everything as it comes with information with practically everything – including the turbo boost and the engine temperature. If you’re looking for performance vehicle, the Ford Focus ST can be your perfect car with a family friendly design.
The maximum speed of Ford Focus ST is 152mph with their 2.5-litre engine and with the addition of impressive maneuverability through its five-cylinder engine, taking over vehicles becomes a lot easier.
However, its big engine might slow you down after all, as it gets quite ‘thirsty’ especially when under pressure. And while the maximum speed is already impressive, many believe that the Focus ST could go faster.


I like Ford Focus. I don't drive but a friend of mine had a Ford which was very good and I'd say quite beautiful. What my non-expert eyes like about it is the rounded and aerodynamic shape of it.

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