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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Car Modifying: Turning a Toyota into a Ferrari

The Ferrari 360 currently costs approximately $156,000 second hand which is a large reduction for the vehicle. A brand new Ferrari, will cost a buyer no less than $750,000 and can cost thousands extra depending on the specs of the supercar.

A new trend is emerging for those who really want to have a Ferrari in their garage but can’t afford the new or second hand prices of the vehicle. Some car hobbyists who know a thing or two about modification have successfully changed their Toyota MR2’s into Ferrari 360’s. To the untrained eye, the design is almost flawless.

Any car can be modified or converted into a different model under the hands of an expert. But the Toyota MR2 is considered a special vehicle for Ferrari 360 because the base design of the vehicle is very similar to the Ferrari. This means, only a few modifications are required before the MR2 becomes a great looking Ferrari 360 by design.

The modification capabilities of the Toyota MR2 are so impressive that some custom designers were able to modify the vehicle into a Ferrari 460. It’s a bit more challenging compared to the 360 but as the base of both cars is similar it is still possible.

There are already conversion kits available online for owners of the MR2. For only $2,000 (shipping not included), you can have a kit that will convert your Toyota into a Ferrari. You could even buy a used MR2 for less than $7000 which means you could have a good looking replica of a Ferrari 360 for less than $10,000.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Review

The SLS Roadster from Mercedes-Benz is a top of the line vehicle that was first introduced in 2009 in the Frankfurt Auto Show. The car is known for its gorgeous design and powerful engine. The 2012 SLS AMG Roadster uses the same concept as its competitors but has a few tweaks in order to stand out among the other vehicles in its category.
The first thing would-be riders notice about the latest SLS AMG Roadster is that it’s effortlessly gorgeous inside and out. The extended front engine and the slightly higher space compartment at the back complement the smooth riding condition of the convertible roadster. Mercedes-Benz didn’t hold back in extras, as the car comes with 11-speaker system from Bang and Olufsen with 1,000-watt power. It also comes with Ride Control Suspension specifically built for the AMG. It’s a new addition to the 2012 version and its aim is to improve maneuverability.
Under the hood, the SLS AMG Roadster comes with 6.3-liter (actually 6.208 to be accurate) V8 Engine. Its powerful engine comes with 571HP and the vehicle’s design was made to control the pressure coming from the engine. This means a better and faster driving experience.
The only problem with the SLS AMG Roadster is its noise. The powerful engine and the cars design have made the vehicle easy to maneuver but it is still a little bit noisy. However a powerful engine that roars in the road could easily turn heads, especially if it has a maximum speed capacity of up to 197 miles per hour.


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