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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Golf Cabriolet Convertible 2012 Review

The 2012 Golf Cabriolet is the sixth iteration of Volkswagen’s Golf line of vehicles. Although the first models were impressive in their own right, the latest iteration comes with something impressive and unique at the same time. It comes with the expected power and maneuverability from Volkswagen but it comes with something else that makes it a head turner – a feature not common in many of the Volkswagen vehicles.

Convertible Cloth Top

The unique feature of the 2012 Golf Cabriolet is its cloth top. Other convertibles use metal roofs for durability but this doesn’t mean that the cloth top of Golf Cabriolet is unreliable. In fact, the cloth top on the Golf Cabriolet looks secure when installed. Removing the roof is very easy and no additional adjustments are required.

One of the reasons why cloth top are used in this iteration of Golf Cabriolet is due to size. The roof is relatively smaller than a metal counterpart and would take less room in the boot. But even though it’s not metal because of necessity, Volkswagen created an impressive top down.

Impressive Engine

Although the vehicle is a relatively small motor vehicle, it still comes with an impressive engine that can deal with basic road conditions. The most powerful version of 2012 Golf Cabriolet is the 210-hp with 2.0 liter engine. The engine with the least power is still very impressive as it comes with 105-hp, 1.2-liter engine.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New Ultra Mini 4x4’s

A small 4x4 offers a perfect combination of elegance, power and practicality. Every Mini 4x4 can easily load up to five passengers with enough space in the back for additional baggage. Small families will love this type of vehicle and yuppies will enjoy driving the car because of its appeal.

There is currently three Mini 4x4s vying for every car buyer’s attention: the Q3 from Audi, X1 from BMW and Evoque from Range Rover. Each of these vehicles has specific capability which makes it attractive for a specific market.

Audi Q3 – Focus on Simplicity

The Audi Q3 is an impressive vehicle perfect for families who simply want to have a Mini 4x4 that works. It’s a diesel-powered vehicle with a simplified design including the interior. Simplicity doesn’t mean it does not have any elegance inside because it comes with modern features. Unfortunately, it’s designed for urban driving because it’s not as powerful compared to other vehicles.

BMW X1 – Elegant Design

The first thing any car buyer will notice about the BMW X1 is its elegant design. BMW really knows how to design a vehicle and it shows in the X1. Although it looks longer, it’s actually almost the same with other models. The X1 is well known for its stability and easy handling.

Ranger Rover Evoque – Power over Design

The Evoque is all about power and it shows in the design. It looks as gorgeous as the X1 but the front body size is bigger than the rest. The 2.2-liter turbo diesel or the 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine should be more than enough to handle any hauling challenges.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Top 5 Movie Cars

Cars in movies are not just props that complement the characters. They can emphasis a characters personality, influence the plot and change the course of the story.

We have collected what we believe to be the top most recognisable film cars;

5. Bumblebee (Transformers Movie)
The car is literally the character and has greatly influenced not only a highly successful film franchise but also animations. It was only in the live action adaptation that Bumblebee was revealed to be a 1976, 5th Generation Camaro.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Mercedes SLK 2011 Review

The 3rd iteration of Mercedes SLK blends the old SLK with a new concept. At first glance, it is still the standard SLK design but those familiar with Mercedes different vehicles will immediately see that some of its design ideas came from the SLS and CLS models. The change in design helps in weight reduction and better distribution especially through its aluminum wings. The sunroof option even comes with a Magic Sky Control which gives you the sun without the wind.

Under the hood, the basic model of the 2011 SLK will feature a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine. Two more versions exist: the SLK 250 with 4-Cylinder engine and the SLK 350 with 3.5-liter V6 engine. The power is obviously there and Mercedes were able to harness the power with optimal control. Additional upgrades are available for those who want to push the limit on what the vehicle can do. The Dynamic Handling Pack is for additional adjustments on engine and better maneuverability. The Torque Vectoring Brakes feature individualized braking capability ideal for cornering.

The beauty of Mercedes SLK is not only in its power and design. It is also fuel efficient, as the base and SLK 250 model comes with an average of 46.3mpg while the SLK 350 averages 39.7mpg. These figures are very impressive considering the base version can reach 62mph in just seven seconds. 


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