Monday, August 01, 2011

Meet Tuatara – the World’s Fastest Production Car

American car manufacturer Shelby SuperCars is aiming for the “world’s fastest production car” crown with its Tuatara. The 1,350 horsepower mammoth of a vehicle has the capacity of reaching 275mph. Shelby SuperCars is looking to beat Bugatti’s Veyron, the current fastest production line vehicle with a 268mph top speed.

The choice of name is quite unique. “Tuatara” is a New Zealand reptile. A direct descendant from the dinosaurs, the reptile was able to survive harsh conditions from changing environment because it has the capacity to change its DNA in a very rapid rate. Shelby SuperCars opted to adopt the name because they believe they have made significant changes not only on small portions of the vehicle but in its entire makeup.

Under the hood, the Tuatara sports a turbocharged twin7.0-liter V-8 engine. At first glance, it’s just like any sports vehicle with some upgrade in the engine. But the charged-up engine is encased in carbon chassis with carbon fiber on the outside. Even the wheels come in carbon fiber to ensure that it’s lightweight with optimal capacity in handling top-speed. The super sleek design of the vehicle even pushes the envelope for a super car. Curved in the rear, Tuatara takes full advantage of aerodynamics to easily reach the full speed. Its seven-speed manual transmission practically completes the packaging for the sports car. With that kind of power and optimal speed, you need more than six-speed manual transmission for additional control.

Pricing and torque is not yet available but it should peg a price only the really rich and speed crazy could afford. It should be interesting to see if it can beat the Bugatii when it hits the road for an actual speed test.


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