Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Learning More About Audi Concept Cars

Audi is always at the forefront in introducing new vehicles that will amaze any car enthusiast as well as casual drivers. The power and speed of Audi vehicles is always an assurance that the vehicle they manufacture will be nothing short of impressive.

But aside from improving their consumer line of vehicles, Audi is also about innovation. Just like other car manufacturers, they are also constantly introducing different types of concept cars. While most of these cars will still require decades before commercial production, the ideas are very impressive and can be integrated in today’s vehicles.

Audi Quattro Concept

The Quattro line from Audi is no stranger to innovations and a concept car based on this popular model line is almost a necessity. Introduced in 2010 at Paris Motor Show for Quattro’s 30th anniversary, the sleek vehicle features five-cylinder engine with a unique twist on its engine firing intervals. It’s also designed to be lighter by more than 200 kilograms compared to Audi’s other sports cars.

R8 TDI Le Mans Concept

The R8 TDI Le Mans is all about power. The 12-cylinder diesel engine comes with a displacement of 6-liters of power. The beautiful slide design at the back can easily make heads turn especially the air inlets in the front which signifies the potential power of the vehicle.

Audi Urban Concept

Bound for Frankfurt Auto Show, the Audi Urban Concept is an “etron” or electronic vehicle with a very quirky and very urban-friendly design. The vehicle will be powered by a lithium-ion battery which should be enough to power two electric motors. The notable unique design of the Audi Urban Concept is on its oversized wheels.


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