Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Volkswagen Polo Review

Volkswagen continues to make a mark in the automobile industry with its cheaper Polo model. The car is a reasonably priced hatchback for size-conscious consumers and definitely something to consider. After all, Volkswagen is known for its ability to produce high quality vehicles especially in cars with size limitations.

The Polo from Volkswagen comes with an impressive design for a hatchback. It’s not something that will immediately stand out among other vehicles but it has done enough to look presentable. The simplistic design reflects the dedication to quality build by Volkswagen. It’s not flashy, but the vehicle is very sturdy.

The manufacturing build of Polo is clear even on the first drive. It’s smooth, reacts quickly and doesn’t have any additional qualms especially on sharp curves. City driving with heavy traffic in the Polo is a breeze because of easy controls. This feature complements the high mileage capacity of the vehicle which is highly economical in its class.

While the initial driving impression of the new Volkswagen Polo is impressive, it doesn’t fare well under the hood. The 1.2L engine might not be powerful enough in some road conditions. But the Polo is built for city driving and the engine should be good enough for casual driving.

Overall, the Volkswagen Polo presents an impressive hatchback for buyers to consider. It gives customers a classy feel without being too expensive and walks the fine build quality. The engine might not be at par with some of the powerful hatchbacks in the market but it should be good enough for city driving.


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