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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Appreciating the Beauty of BMW’s Art Cars

The BMW Art Cars are a series of BMW vehicles that have become a work of art. The cars were used as canvass by some of the world’s most renowned artists. These cars are regarded as BMW’s testimony of their dedication to art beyond what you see in regular canvasses. These vehicles are well known for their eccentric design but can still work as regular vehicles.
History of BMW Art Cars
The first BMW Art Car was made in 1975. There were actually no specific plans to create a series of art vehicles for BMW but it started when Herve Poulain asked Alexander Calder to paint his BMW CSL 3.0. The car was used in Le Mans in the same year which immediately made an impression for the manufacturer. Since 1975, a vehicle from BMW became a canvass for an artist almost every year. By 2010, the BMW Art Cars already have 17 vehicles.
The BMW Z4
Traditionally, the BMW Art Car becomes a canvass for the artist. However, the BMW Z4 in 2009 becomes a unique tool for the work of art. Instead of becoming a canvass for Robin Rhode, the artist used the vehicle to paint in the giant canvass. Although the car is not part of BMW Art Cars, the car and the canvass is still in display along with the 17 vehicles.
World Tour
Because of the increasing interesting for BMWs Art Cars, the manufacturer opted to tour the vehicles for public display. BMW also made an official website for the vehicles that provides additional information about their art Luxury cars .

Thursday, July 14, 2011

BMW 7 Series Review

The BMW 7 Series offers a premium driving experience at a premium price. It’s always expected that BMW will compete in the luxury vehicles market and launch something competitive that it eventually becomes a popular vehicle. The 7 Series is the perfect example of BMW’s dedication to bringing out the best along with premium pricing. It’s an expensive vehicle but it is worth it. That BMW 7 Series started in 1978 and the car manufacturer continues the tradition in building highly competitive luxury vehicles.

The 2011 BMW 7 Series continues the trend of the manufacturer’s luxury sedan. It’s a spacious vehicle with an attractive build which makes it standout among other sedans. It’s a very comfortable vehicle because of the space and the interior design is simplistic but focuses on easy driving rather than building a complicated dashboard.

The base version of BMW 7 comes with Twin Turbo 3.0 Liter engine that produces up to 315HP. It’s a powerful vehicle even though it’s still the base version. The most powerful model is the 760Li featuring 6.0 Liter with V12 engine that can produce up to 535HP with 550 lb per ft of torque.

The only downside of the vehicle is the noise. It’s not necessarily noisy but the wind noise can easily distract, especially those who are already familiar with the other series of cars from BMW. It’s still a great car but to the audiophile it could be a bit bothersome.

Verdict: The car can be comfortable but the noise could be distracting.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Volkswagen Polo Review

Volkswagen continues to make a mark in the automobile industry with its cheaper Polo model. The car is a reasonably priced hatchback for size-conscious consumers and definitely something to consider. After all, Volkswagen is known for its ability to produce high quality vehicles especially in cars with size limitations.

The Polo from Volkswagen comes with an impressive design for a hatchback. It’s not something that will immediately stand out among other vehicles but it has done enough to look presentable. The simplistic design reflects the dedication to quality build by Volkswagen. It’s not flashy, but the vehicle is very sturdy.

The manufacturing build of Polo is clear even on the first drive. It’s smooth, reacts quickly and doesn’t have any additional qualms especially on sharp curves. City driving with heavy traffic in the Polo is a breeze because of easy controls. This feature complements the high mileage capacity of the vehicle which is highly economical in its class.

While the initial driving impression of the new Volkswagen Polo is impressive, it doesn’t fare well under the hood. The 1.2L engine might not be powerful enough in some road conditions. But the Polo is built for city driving and the engine should be good enough for casual driving.

Overall, the Volkswagen Polo presents an impressive hatchback for buyers to consider. It gives customers a classy feel without being too expensive and walks the fine build quality. The engine might not be at par with some of the powerful hatchbacks in the market but it should be good enough for city driving.


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