Thursday, June 09, 2011

2011 Ford Ranger SuperCab Review

Ford’s ability to sustain the good features of a vehicle with small adjustments for modern demands is perfectly exemplified in the 2011 Ford Ranger SuperCab. You will not see much of a difference from the 2010 version as Ford believes that too extreme changes to the 2011 model will only destroy the image of the Ranger SuperCab.
The option to stay the same with subtle changes can be seen in both ways. It could provide significant advantage for customers who already own the 2010 Ford Ranger SuperCab since it will look like they own a brand new vehicle. Would be owners, on the other hand, will feel that they are actually purchasing a model from last year.
But aside from the feeling that you’re purchasing something relatively old, it’s still an amazing vehicle. Under the hood is the 2.3-litre engine that gives out 143 of horsepower which should be good enough for heavy hauling. With this power, even the standard rear-wheel drive can easily handle heavy hauling especially on ideal road conditions. Would be owners can upgrade to four-wheel drive with this the same engine. Fuel economy is acceptable as it can run at an average of 24 mpg.
The interior of the vehicle doesn’t have a lot of extras but many owners of Ford Ranger’s would attest that what you need is comfort more than accessories when you have this type of vehicle. As a result, the 2011 Ford Ranger SuperCab comes with a simple interior but spacious enough even for tall passengers.


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