Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 Ford Transit Review

The Ford Transit is one of the few vehicles from the European market that has eventually found its way to North America because of its practicality. Some say that the design is a little bit quirky because of its bulky design but the Ford Transit is not about looks. The 2011 Ford Transit is focused on functionality and in that area it could easily impress any businesses looking for a vehicle with great hauling power and impressive fuel efficiency.

Practical Body for Hauling and Power

The 2011 Ford Transit is like a pickup with a very tall hatchback. The tall hatchback is the main attraction of the vehicle because it can provide significant space for many different types of cargo. For example, a mobile office or even a small laboratory can be setup without any problem. The dashboard is also extendable for various purposes depending on owner preferences.

The vehicle is configurable to add more passengers. But the vehicle’s 2.0-liter cylinder that yields 136HP might not fare well when dealing with too many additional passengers. The vehicle performs well when hauling objects but it might have some problem when more than three passengers use the vehicle.

Affordability and Mileage

The main reason why many owners of small businesses will have chosen the 2011 Ford Transit will be for its price and mileage. The base price of $21,200 comes with basic features but also includes an MP3 player. Complementing the base price of the vehicle is its mileage, as the vehicle was rated by the EPA with 21/26mpg which is very impressive for a vehicle with hauling power.


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