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Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 Toyota Tacoma Review

The Toyota Tacoma is considered a leader in its class. It’s one truck that has successfully bridged the capability of a powerful hauling vehicle with impressive pricing. The 2011Toyota Tacoma is no different from its previous predecessors with additional features that would impress even non-truck user. The company’s latest version has some serious economy considerations that will allow the company to sell the impressive trucks in the distant future.
Impressive Features for 2011 Edition
The best new feature for the 2011 Tacoma is the availability of automatic transmission. Gas guzzling vehicles are already a thing of the past and Toyota has adjusted. The result is 21mpg average which is a very impressive number for a truck. All versions of 2011 Toyota Tacoma will also come with air conditioning.
Interior Design
If there’s something any Tacoma owner would complain about their truck, it’s the interior. Although it’s not bad certain things could have been changed to make it look more esthetically pleasing. The seats are designed with big people in mind which means those on the smaller side will be required to adjust a little bit. It’s not uncomfortable although there are better seats in most of the competitor’s trucks.
Driving and Power
The 2011 Toyota Tacoma doesn’t push the boundaries on its engine. With a 2.7 liter, 4-cylinder engine, it gets the job done in simple hauling tasks. Of course, those who wanted more power will be disappointed but rarely will a truck driver use something bigger than what the Tacoma could already handle. It’s one truck that gets the job done with a base price of $19,000.


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