Friday, August 20, 2010

2010 Mazda 5 Review

In the current economic situation car owners are looking for something useful without having to spend much. This is the reason why minivans that could carry a family are very popular. Instead of spending too much on two vehicles, a single vehicle that could cater to everyone would be a good option. With this requirement in mind, one of the most popular vehicles being considered is the 2010 Mazda 5.

Under the hood, Mazda 5 is not necessarily a beast but should be enough for family transportation. The 2.3 litre, four cylinder engine actually shows weakness when the minivan is full but it can stabilise once it gains speed. Mazda did not really care a lot about speed – 10 seconds to reach 60mph is not impressive but a minivan is not for racing. While it can start slow, control with Mazda 5 is very impressive as it can easily slide through corners.

Because Mazda 5 is a mid-sized minivan, there are some drawbacks when it comes to interior layout. The third row is very small, probably designed for kids. But that’s the only major drawback. The car makes up for its small built by creating sliding doors not only in the side but also on the rear. This feature is very rare in many vehicles of this type and it provides an advantage for families with very active passengers as closing and open is simpler.


Mazda 5 has the taller body with seating for 6. Mazda 5 got
5-Star Crash-Safety Rating by government.Available leather-trimmed seats, heated front seats, Bluetooth® hands-free phone capability‡ and navigation system and many more.

I have a feeling that 2010 Mazda 5 was created for the benefits of the family specially to kids. And that was exactly what most of the parents looking for safety and comfort for the whole family specially for their childrens.

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