Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Volkswagen GTI Review

The 2010 GTI of Volkswagen experienced subtle but very smart changes. These changes have made 2010 Volkswagen GTI one of the best cars in its category. From the outside, the 2010 Volkswagen GTI is less bulky and the tail lights are slightly adjusted to work with the car's new design. But this doesn't mean the new design was limited the space inside. On the contrary, the backseat of the vehicle has expanded a bit. The front seats are also perfectly placed for comfort. The front seat is not that roomy but just enough for the driver and front seat companion.

One thing that the 2010 Volkswagen GTI can't pull off when compared to other vehicles in its category is the engine. Although the car's fuel economy is rated at 31 mpg in optimum conditions, the power provided by 2.0, 4-cylinder supercharged engine grades below its competitors. It's limited in power which also reduces its ability to reach maximum speed faster.

Fortunately, the speed feature is not important to many car owners especially for this category. Courting families, the car comes with an efficient car control and maximum safety features found in most vehicles. Although breaks are rated average, they are only a bit tricky when the car is running fast.

Overall, the small improvement of the vehicle in terms of its outside looks as well as fuel efficiency work is good for the 2010 Volkswagen GTI. By keeping the good features of the previous year and adjusting the bad ones, they came out with a strong contender.


Volkswagan one among the banded companies I love. The New SUV is real Good to See.

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