Thursday, January 07, 2010

Volkswagen 2010 Golf Review

Volkswagen officially terminated their "Rabbit" line of cars with the resurrection of "Golf" for their 2010 compact model. Although Rabbit had three iterations (2006 to 2009), the model didn't have any impact in the market compared to the "Golf" which was suspended by the European manufacturer in 2006.

The return of Golf to Volkswagen actually shows their willingness to adjust to be highly competitive. The hunchback compact is actually very impressive as it comes with 2.5 liter, 5-cylinder engine. Owners can choose between the traditional clutching and the "dual-clutch" option for increased control. The 2010 Golf can also be purchased in diesel engine.

The 2010 Golf's interior was significantly improved compared to their earlier iterations. Although the base lacks the additional entertainment options such as an iPod dock, basic entertainment is still there. Controls are quite straightforward because it doesn't require additional configuration. Leg space is even impressive even in their 4-door version.

Performance-wise, the 2010 Golf stands out among other hunchback vehicles. The car didn't lose the virtues of Rabbit as maneuverability is still there. Even fuel economy is very impressive. The manual and automatic transmission were registered at 23/30 mpg. The upgraded version of 2010 Golf could even push the vehicle up to 42 mpg in ideal conditions.

The only downside of the vehicle is actually on its price. The base of the 2010 Golf is at $17,490 and you'll most likely end up spending $20,000 because of the upgrades. But if you're looking for a well performing compact, the additional thousand dollars is worth it.


But in Canada the Rabbit was introduced after Golf. Then after three years latter it had been introduced in Europe. But in Canada people wants to use Rabbit.

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