Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Kia Optima Review

The 2010 Kia Optima is one of the vehicles that will show the true character of the buyer. Buyers or those who consider this car are not looking for anything classy or trendy and they are pushing for something that works. Price is always a major factor for buyers of 2010 Kia Optima.

But this doesn't mean the vehicle has a bad design. This simply means the 2010 Kia Optima didn't make any changes in its physical appearance compared to the previous year's model. The car has a basic design that it can be dull. The hood is actually the culprit for this look because it is slightly higher instead of the more popular downward design. Under the hood, the car can perform in city road conditions. Your 2.4, 4-cylinder vehicle only has 175hp. Options for automatic transmission is available (5-speed). Fuel efficiency is average as it can reach 32mpg in ideal road conditions.

The car's interior doesn't provide much because it's very basic. The base model will give you the standard accessories such as CD/Mp3 player, satellite radio and keyless ignition. Safety has garnered good reviews from the government as well as Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
The old adage "you get what you pay for" can be observed in this vehicle. With less than $18,000, maneuverability is average and doesn't have enough power for heavy transport. It's a vehicle perfect for standard cargo and passengers. But the performance should not discourage buyers because most cars in this category have the same performance when it comes to maneuverability.


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