Thursday, December 03, 2009

Acura MDX Review

The 2009 Acura MDX has become a very impressive CUV since it became available in the market. While there are few changes in the design since 2007, the 2009 Acura MDX have been significantly improved in safety and handling. Anyone looking for a seven-seater will definitely consider this vehicle.

The 2009 Acura MDX has 3.7, V6 engine with 300HP. Even with a massive engine under the hood, the car is surprisingly easy to control. One reason for this smooth ride is the weight is just enough to handle the power of the engine. The maximum weight of this vehicle is 5,000 lbs. which is not too heavy, but not too light.

There is no question of the Acura MDX’s beauty inside. The dashboard comes with very impressive technology. The upgraded version comes with a voice activated system for various functions, chargers for various devices and an impressive navigation system. Space between seats is very good as it provides enough legroom for anyone.

The most impressive feature of the 2009 Acura MDX is its safeness. Independent tests reveal that it's one of the most reliable cars during crash tests. Airbags in the front and protective curtains in the back ensure that everyone is secured in an accident. This greatly complements the SH-AWD or the Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive feature which is basically a system that automatically distributes power on all tires. The only downside of the vehicle is that it requires premium fuel which can be a bit expensive. But for someone who can see past the fuel problem, this vehicle comes highly recommended.


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