Thursday, November 19, 2009

Petrol or Diesel?

The vehicle’s fuel type (Petrol or Diesel) is a very important factor that should be considered by any car buyer. There are pros and cons in each of fuel type that will affect the driving experience as well as financial decision of the car owner.

Vehicles with petrol fuel engines are highly recommended for car buyers who intend to use the car for only a few years. The main advantage of this vehicle is that it doesn't require extensive maintenance and very friendly to the pocket. However, petrol fuelled vehicles can easily depreciate which means the car purchased this year could experience drastic devaluation next year. Cars based on petrol also consume more fuel compared to diesel.

Diesel based engines, on the other hand are ideal for those who want to use the car for a very long time. The value of the vehicle will still decline but will most likely be sold at a higher price compared to petrol. Vehicles on diesel are also more fuel efficient and can be powerful especially on low gears. However, the car can be a bit expensive and maintenance is more demanding which means extra spending for the car buyer.

To summarise, vehicles with diesel engines are recommended for those who wanted to stay with their car for many years. It may be expensive but its resale value doesn't go down fast. Gasoline engine vehicles, on the other hand are perfect for low mileage drivers because they're inexpensive and the maintenance and servicing are also more affordable compared to diesel.


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