Thursday, August 06, 2009

Nissan 2003 Interstar Review

Most vans in the market merely focus on cargo or driver’s convenience. A van could have great cargo capacity but will limit movement of driver and a passenger while other vans offer convenience to drivers but sacrifices storage capacity.

The Nissan 2003 Interstar tries to diminish the limitation by manufacturing a van that offers the best of both worlds. This particular van can have a maximum wheelbase of 3578mm with 1990mm in width. The height varies per specific model but the minimal configuration can give owners a very impressive cargo capacity.

The storage capacity of Nissan 2003 Interstar is paired with relatively powerful engine. But the van is not a gas guzzler as it uses turbo diesel engine – powerful enough to handle large cargo without the expensive fuel. The minimum engine configuration of the Nissan 2003 Interstar has 1800rpm and the maximum configuration could have 2,000rpm.

The van’s design is specifically geared towards storage. Two doors at the back are supported by a sliding door in the passenger’s side. Although there could be an additional sliding door in the driver’s end, the present configuration is good enough for large haul. For driver’s entertainment, the Nissan 2003 Interstar could be fitted with CD player. Rear parking sensor, electric windows and adjustable window heat is also part of the basic van configuration. Under seat storage and large mirrors are also provided for better rear movement.

The Nissan 2003 Interstar offers an impressive storage capacity without the gas guzzling engine. Although it has fewer doors compared to other vans, the van is still good enough for hauling.


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