Saturday, August 15, 2009

2010 Volvo XC60 Review

Volvo is placing their bets on their latest crossover. The 2010 Volvo XC60 is one of the manufacturer's "saviors" considering it's currently having a hard time earning and even finding a buyer. It's a tough year for the European manufacturer which is why they're coming out with something that can help them get out of the sales slump.
The XC60 is a good looking and well priced vehicle. The complete package will cost you no more than $50,000 and that already includes all the entertainment system and monitoring options in your vehicle. Staying true to its brand, Volvo is still one of the best manufacturers when it comes to safety.

Under the hood, the XC60 can compete with the currently popular crossovers. It comes with 3.0-engine which can give up 281 horsepower under certain conditions. It's relatively heavier (4,174 lbs) but the engine power should be able to handle the challenge of pushing a heavy vehicle.

The notable feature of the XC60 is the handling. The six speed auto transmission is very responsive that you should be able to experience gear changes even in demanding conditions. The complete package also comes with manual transmission conversion which increases control on the crossover.

Now for some bad news: the default navigation system of XC60 is one of the worst in the industry. It's not a touch screen system and you have to use a joystick far from the system which makes handling on the navigation system very difficult. But with its price and options, you can change the navigation system for less than $300 and have a great crossover vehicle.


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