Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2010 BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics Edition

It's not yet in the US but the model has been confirmed to reach the country anytime soon after the car’s unveiling in the Frankfurt Motor Show (September 2009). The 2010 BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics Edition is actually a little bit mouthful to say but it's a small tradeoff on what it can do to your driving experience. Among them is the claim that it can go for 57.4mpg - a very impressive feat from a premium car manufacturer.
The secret: diesel engine. The 2010 BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics Edition will stray from gasoline and use the less expensive diesel. With impressive fuel efficiency, you can be assured that you'll get the best from this car on the road. Thanks to its 2-liter, four cylinder engine, the new compact from BMW will never have to require as much fuel as its predecessors.

Of course, don't expect that this car will outrun other BMW models. However, the fuel efficient compact only requires 8.2 seconds to reach 100kph. The top speed is also limited to 225kph but when you're on the road, you really don't need too much power and the top speed is more than enough to outrun others in regular road conditions.
Of course, there is always the inherent downside of diesel engines. The US is not very familiar with this type of engine which means help could be difficult to find. But with the name BMW on the engine, you'll get the assurance that the engine has been optimized to last long before it will seek maintenance.


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