Saturday, August 01, 2009

2009 Audi TTS

TT or Tourist Trophy is always a part of many car manufacturers. Tagging a car "TT" is not just because the car manufacturer wanted the car to stand out in the crowd. The tag is meant to provide speed, ease of control and beautiful design inside and out.
But it's hard not to compare one TT car to another. The 2009 TTS Audi is unfortunately ranked in the middle among the pool of TT car designs. It's not as aggressive compared to Roadster but still better to Porsche Cayman.

The 2009 Audi TTS features 3.2 liter engine coupled with V6 prowess. The car is toned down by 15hp which makes it relatively weaker compared to the other TTS cars to be released by Audi in the near future. Unfortunately, the better models are yet to be announced for release in US.
But it's not all bad news for 2009 Audi TTS. As already indicated; the 2009 TTS Audi is a lot better compared to Cayman in terms of speed and pricing. $50,000 will give you the basics of The Cayman but the same price will give you more options when you opt to go for the 2009 TTS Audi. From the outside, Audi has perfected the look of a small car with big features. Although not as ergonomic as other Audi in the past, it's still a beauty.
The 2009 Audi TTS may not be the best Audi out there because of other impressive TTS models. But the car’s price, looks and power should be more than enough to convince some consumers.


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