Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mini First in the UK

It’s quite odd that MINI dubbed their latest offering as “First” but if there is any car that could become a lot of “first” for MINI, it would be this model. The “First” is the most affordable car that will roll out of MINI as it is currently priced at £10,950 in UK. Converting the price to USD would be $17,950 but it should be a lot more affordable once it reaches the US shores. Unfortunately, the date this car starts rolling out in USA was not yet revealed.

What’s exciting about the Mini First is that the price never diminished the power and speed of the car. With 1.4 liter under its hood, it’s enough to boost the car with 75 horsepower. Of course, 75 horsepower is just chump change when you compare it to sports car as it can reach 62mph in nearly 14 seconds but considering the price and its ability to move through traffic, the MINI First is highly efficient in city driving. The price didn’t even diminish the fuel efficiency. Since the horsepower is limited, the car will allow you to drive to a whopping 53 miles before it asks for another gallon.

Adding to the fuel efficiency feature is Auto-Start Stop feature which allow easy breaking and starting, Brake Energy Regeneration and Variable Valve technology for stability during driving. Suspensions in front and rear also work independently so you’ll be able to run MINI first in relatively rugged roads with ease.

The price, the standard systems and its fuel efficiency is more than enough to get you excited for this car. Hopefully, it reaches US shores soon to help consumers save on fuel.


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