Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lincoln MKS EcoBoost

The 2010 MKS EcoBoost is the latest line of luxury cars from Lincoln set to appeal to almost every car enthusiast. With this car, Lincoln is now officially part of the “big luxury car” business as the 2010 MKS is measured at 204 inches and weighs 4,305 lbs. The luxury car is massive which only means one thing – better interior with more legroom.

But the 2010 MKS EcoBoost is not just a big brother of the 2009 edition. The “EcoBoost” tag is not just a fancy name for the latest edition of the 2010. This version will be using a fuel friendly V6 instead of a V8 with 3.5-liter engine which will provide better mileage at 25mpg (highway). Of course, this luxury car is far behind hybrids but it’s a lot better than its competitors.

The captivating part of the 2010 MKS EcoBoost is that the manufacturer was able to retain much of its power – 355 horsepower should be more than enough to help you speed through 60mph in merely six seconds. But the speed and power is just half of the story. Because of the V6-engine and the expanded body, the car is heavy enough to improve control of the car without having to burn the tires to accelerate driving.

A full featured 2010 MKS EcoBoost will cost no less than $54,000 which will be completed with the classic Lincoln interior and 8.5 LCD GPS System, relatively bigger seats and simplified dashboard for easy access of media and the rest of the car system.


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