Monday, July 13, 2009

2010 Kia Forte

Kia might not be the hottest car manufacturer in the world today, but they are certainly making progress. This South Korean car manufacturer is actually learning from its mistakes and pushes for change to catch the eye of consumers. The 2010 Kia Forte could be that car.

Coming in three variants (LX, EX and SX), the 2010 Kia Forte promises to be stunning as well as powerful. The design is certainly eye catching because of its classic design with lengthened front. At first glance the car may have smaller space but you’ll be surprised once you’re inside. It’s certainly a lot roomier especially for the driver who has to deal with a lot controls. As an affordable alternative, you would bump into some plastics but they are certainly tolerable.

Under the hood, the car is no pushover. Kia has made it a point to become the leader in its car class in terms of power. The car uses 2.0 liter engine with 156 horsepower and could push your car up to 34mpg in optimal conditions (EPA Rating). The fuel efficiency might not be the same as hybrids, but it can easily outrun many cars in its category.

The tricky part is its versions. The most expensive version is the SX ($17,100) which comes with complete accessories. The middle of the pack is the EX ($15,700) that comes with comfort (air conditioning) but not much on entertainment. The basic is the LX ($14,000) which does not have air conditioning yet. It may sound inconvenient but comparing this price to other cars, it’s a better deal.


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