Friday, July 24, 2009

2010 Jaguar XJ

Jaguar has always been about powerful sports car with uncompromising quality completed with amazing design. Although they may have some down moments in their history as a manufacturer (SUV?) because of the economy, they are back on track as the aggressor with Jaguar XJ. Fortunately, the new leader of Jaguar (Tata Motors) recognized the company's future is by keeping its image intact. After all, why go for another sport when you are already winning in one?
The Jaguar XJ is the latest iteration of supercars from the English car manufacturer. Followers of the brand will immediately distinguish the name as a predecessor of Jaguar XF and XF-R. But except for the name, everything else in Jaguar XJ is different.

Before dealing with the engine, the aerodynamic design of Jaguar XJ is very impressive. At first glance, the car looks like a regular four-door with an extended front. But the sleek top with contours that flows from the front end of the car certainly increases the aerodynamics of Jaguar XJ.

As expected, Jaguar XJ is no push-over for its engine. Sporting a V8 engine, the most powerful model of Jaguar XJ (SuperSport) will push the car up to 510hp. Direct injection of 5.0 liter engine assures speed on time when you really need it.
But the best innovation and surprise is probably on its dashboard. The car will now feature 7.1 channel sound systems - unheard of in any sports and luxury cars. You'll be surrounded by 20 speakers which is frankly overkill but it's a remarkable overkill.


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