Friday, July 17, 2009

2010 Honda Insight EX

The 2010 Honda Insight EX is the latest hybrid to come out of the Japan-based car manufacturer. Powered by 1.3-liter with electric motor, the car has been rated to run for 43mpg. This capacity is actually an impressive feat considering Prius (Toyota’s hybrid) has been rated to run for 47mpg. Although Honda has made it clear that the Insight will never compete with Prius, you’ll notice at first glance that they are secretly trying to do just that.

The body of Insight is remarkably similar to Prius. The Insight didn’t really follow the exact bodywork of Prius but the flow form factor is clearly similar to Prius. The Insight has the same contour design of a Civic but smaller and a bit bulkier. This was done to ensure that the car would be as light as possible with better aerodynamics – making the car require less fuel.

The size of Insight can actually cause some inconvenience for bigger drivers and passengers. Anyone taller than 6 feet might have to adjust a little bit to get in the car. The back seat is also a bit close which means there is limited legroom. This was done to create space at the back for extra compartment. Another debatable feature is the 15-inch wheel which is rare in many family cars. But Honda opted to use it for the same reason of fuel efficiency. The Insight is currently priced at $22,000 – a lot less than Prius ($30,000).

The Insight might not be the leader in hybrid vehicles, but it’s a great alternative. You just have to adjust to small inconveniences to get a better bargain on a hybrid vehicle.


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