Monday, July 20, 2009

2010 BMW X6 M

BMW decided to do something drastic with their M line this year. Instead of little add-ons to their "M" brand year after year, they have completely changed its specifications. Fortunately, this did not destroy the M line but rather improved its brand.
The revamp of the M line started with V8 engine. This 4.4-liter turbocharged beast is reputed to reach 60mph in merely 4.5 seconds. But that data has been achieved without launch control. This means the speed of BMW could still improve. Thinking about the speed of this car is almost scary.
But the improvement of speed doesn't come as the sole reason of its improvement. This will be the first car that will feature all-wheel drive technology. So far, the car has a very impressive engine under the hood and the control significantly improves with an all wheel drive feature.
The features of the new X6 M don’t end there. The six-speed feature of X6 is truly remarkable since the car will now allow shifting without losing torque. The all-wheel-drive might prevent some power to be fully implemented but if you're not racing, the six-speed power with efficient control should be more than enough.
Last but not the least; the latest M will cost at least $89,000 which is an impressive pricing if you consider other turbo-charged cars in the market.
This improvement on X6 M certainly shows the aggressiveness of BMW in bringing out the best to beat the competition. Look out for brother, the X5 M which will be revealed in a few months which will almost have the same design concept and power.


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