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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lincoln MKS EcoBoost

The 2010 MKS EcoBoost is the latest line of luxury cars from Lincoln set to appeal to almost every car enthusiast. With this car, Lincoln is now officially part of the “big luxury car” business as the 2010 MKS is measured at 204 inches and weighs 4,305 lbs. The luxury car is massive which only means one thing – better interior with more legroom.

But the 2010 MKS EcoBoost is not just a big brother of the 2009 edition. The “EcoBoost” tag is not just a fancy name for the latest edition of the 2010. This version will be using a fuel friendly V6 instead of a V8 with 3.5-liter engine which will provide better mileage at 25mpg (highway). Of course, this luxury car is far behind hybrids but it’s a lot better than its competitors.

The captivating part of the 2010 MKS EcoBoost is that the manufacturer was able to retain much of its power – 355 horsepower should be more than enough to help you speed through 60mph in merely six seconds. But the speed and power is just half of the story. Because of the V6-engine and the expanded body, the car is heavy enough to improve control of the car without having to burn the tires to accelerate driving.

A full featured 2010 MKS EcoBoost will cost no less than $54,000 which will be completed with the classic Lincoln interior and 8.5 LCD GPS System, relatively bigger seats and simplified dashboard for easy access of media and the rest of the car system.

Friday, July 24, 2009

2010 Jaguar XJ

Jaguar has always been about powerful sports car with uncompromising quality completed with amazing design. Although they may have some down moments in their history as a manufacturer (SUV?) because of the economy, they are back on track as the aggressor with Jaguar XJ. Fortunately, the new leader of Jaguar (Tata Motors) recognized the company's future is by keeping its image intact. After all, why go for another sport when you are already winning in one?
The Jaguar XJ is the latest iteration of supercars from the English car manufacturer. Followers of the brand will immediately distinguish the name as a predecessor of Jaguar XF and XF-R. But except for the name, everything else in Jaguar XJ is different.

Before dealing with the engine, the aerodynamic design of Jaguar XJ is very impressive. At first glance, the car looks like a regular four-door with an extended front. But the sleek top with contours that flows from the front end of the car certainly increases the aerodynamics of Jaguar XJ.

As expected, Jaguar XJ is no push-over for its engine. Sporting a V8 engine, the most powerful model of Jaguar XJ (SuperSport) will push the car up to 510hp. Direct injection of 5.0 liter engine assures speed on time when you really need it.
But the best innovation and surprise is probably on its dashboard. The car will now feature 7.1 channel sound systems - unheard of in any sports and luxury cars. You'll be surrounded by 20 speakers which is frankly overkill but it's a remarkable overkill.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mini First in the UK

It’s quite odd that MINI dubbed their latest offering as “First” but if there is any car that could become a lot of “first” for MINI, it would be this model. The “First” is the most affordable car that will roll out of MINI as it is currently priced at £10,950 in UK. Converting the price to USD would be $17,950 but it should be a lot more affordable once it reaches the US shores. Unfortunately, the date this car starts rolling out in USA was not yet revealed.

What’s exciting about the Mini First is that the price never diminished the power and speed of the car. With 1.4 liter under its hood, it’s enough to boost the car with 75 horsepower. Of course, 75 horsepower is just chump change when you compare it to sports car as it can reach 62mph in nearly 14 seconds but considering the price and its ability to move through traffic, the MINI First is highly efficient in city driving. The price didn’t even diminish the fuel efficiency. Since the horsepower is limited, the car will allow you to drive to a whopping 53 miles before it asks for another gallon.

Adding to the fuel efficiency feature is Auto-Start Stop feature which allow easy breaking and starting, Brake Energy Regeneration and Variable Valve technology for stability during driving. Suspensions in front and rear also work independently so you’ll be able to run MINI first in relatively rugged roads with ease.

The price, the standard systems and its fuel efficiency is more than enough to get you excited for this car. Hopefully, it reaches US shores soon to help consumers save on fuel.

Monday, July 20, 2009

2010 BMW X6 M

BMW decided to do something drastic with their M line this year. Instead of little add-ons to their "M" brand year after year, they have completely changed its specifications. Fortunately, this did not destroy the M line but rather improved its brand.
The revamp of the M line started with V8 engine. This 4.4-liter turbocharged beast is reputed to reach 60mph in merely 4.5 seconds. But that data has been achieved without launch control. This means the speed of BMW could still improve. Thinking about the speed of this car is almost scary.
But the improvement of speed doesn't come as the sole reason of its improvement. This will be the first car that will feature all-wheel drive technology. So far, the car has a very impressive engine under the hood and the control significantly improves with an all wheel drive feature.
The features of the new X6 M don’t end there. The six-speed feature of X6 is truly remarkable since the car will now allow shifting without losing torque. The all-wheel-drive might prevent some power to be fully implemented but if you're not racing, the six-speed power with efficient control should be more than enough.
Last but not the least; the latest M will cost at least $89,000 which is an impressive pricing if you consider other turbo-charged cars in the market.
This improvement on X6 M certainly shows the aggressiveness of BMW in bringing out the best to beat the competition. Look out for brother, the X5 M which will be revealed in a few months which will almost have the same design concept and power.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Audi A6: the past and the future

Audi’s offering this year comes with a bit of expectation and surprise. The 2009 Audi A6 is basically an upgraded version of the C6 which was first introduced in 2006. The only difference is the cosmetic changes on front and rear design wherein space is added at the back for additional storage capacity.

The interior design of the car didn’t change a lot compared to last year’s model but the new model now has small addition of controls near the shifter. They require a little bit of familiarity to get used to but additional controls is always a welcoming feature since it allows more control of the car.

But not everything in Audi is just a carry-over from last year’s model. This year, a V6 version will be introduced as part of the current V8 line. This beautiful car is slowly being transformed into a speed machine with this engine. You’ll be able to clock significant speed with this car in an open road. Speaking of open road, the new Audi A6 is rated to run for 26mpg in this road condition. It’s not as efficient as the hybrid but the car offers power rarely found in luxury sedans.

Nothing revolutionary could be noticed on the improved design of Audi A6 but it keeps up with the quality you should expect from an Audi – classic contour on sedans that only Audi could give. The car is actually a bit traditional in terms of design but the engine promises a power like no other sedans today.

Friday, July 17, 2009

2010 Honda Insight EX

The 2010 Honda Insight EX is the latest hybrid to come out of the Japan-based car manufacturer. Powered by 1.3-liter with electric motor, the car has been rated to run for 43mpg. This capacity is actually an impressive feat considering Prius (Toyota’s hybrid) has been rated to run for 47mpg. Although Honda has made it clear that the Insight will never compete with Prius, you’ll notice at first glance that they are secretly trying to do just that.

The body of Insight is remarkably similar to Prius. The Insight didn’t really follow the exact bodywork of Prius but the flow form factor is clearly similar to Prius. The Insight has the same contour design of a Civic but smaller and a bit bulkier. This was done to ensure that the car would be as light as possible with better aerodynamics – making the car require less fuel.

The size of Insight can actually cause some inconvenience for bigger drivers and passengers. Anyone taller than 6 feet might have to adjust a little bit to get in the car. The back seat is also a bit close which means there is limited legroom. This was done to create space at the back for extra compartment. Another debatable feature is the 15-inch wheel which is rare in many family cars. But Honda opted to use it for the same reason of fuel efficiency. The Insight is currently priced at $22,000 – a lot less than Prius ($30,000).

The Insight might not be the leader in hybrid vehicles, but it’s a great alternative. You just have to adjust to small inconveniences to get a better bargain on a hybrid vehicle.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Introducing the 2010 Lincoln MKZ

The battle for supremacy on entry level sedan continues with the 2010 Lincoln MKZ. The model, in terms of specs and design, is aimed to compete directly with Mercury Milan and Fusion with a few upgrades to offer. The model comes in two versions: the front-wheel drive which will cost you no less than $34,900 and the four-wheel drive which bumps the price to $36,800. If you’ve been following the prices offered on the model, the latest MKZ is $2,000 higher than its predecessor.

Although the price is a little bit steep for an entry level sedan, the manufacturer tries to justify its pricing with its design, performance and accessories. The 2010 Lincoln MKZ is definitely sleeker with its redesigned front and rear. Sleeker contours complement the extended tail lamps which make the car appear longer. It’s a standard business model sedan but with finesse because of those contours and redesigned front.

Under the hood, the 2010 Lincoln MKZ is no pushover. Featuring the V6 Duratec engine, the car is set to provide 263 horsepower. With this engine, your car can go from 0-60mph in seven seconds. Control and power has been dramatically improved because of the “select shift” auto transmission. This feature upgrades the control and power of the front wheel. In the case of four-wheel drives, the select shift feature pushes power to all its wheels.

The additional feature of 2010 Lincoln MKZ is the BLIS or Blind Spot Information System offering alerts and guide when backing up. The Cross Traffic Alert or CTA will help drivers to safely navigate the car in traffic. The car is basically a “user friendly” sedan with relatively powerful engine.

Monday, July 13, 2009

2010 Kia Forte

Kia might not be the hottest car manufacturer in the world today, but they are certainly making progress. This South Korean car manufacturer is actually learning from its mistakes and pushes for change to catch the eye of consumers. The 2010 Kia Forte could be that car.

Coming in three variants (LX, EX and SX), the 2010 Kia Forte promises to be stunning as well as powerful. The design is certainly eye catching because of its classic design with lengthened front. At first glance the car may have smaller space but you’ll be surprised once you’re inside. It’s certainly a lot roomier especially for the driver who has to deal with a lot controls. As an affordable alternative, you would bump into some plastics but they are certainly tolerable.

Under the hood, the car is no pushover. Kia has made it a point to become the leader in its car class in terms of power. The car uses 2.0 liter engine with 156 horsepower and could push your car up to 34mpg in optimal conditions (EPA Rating). The fuel efficiency might not be the same as hybrids, but it can easily outrun many cars in its category.

The tricky part is its versions. The most expensive version is the SX ($17,100) which comes with complete accessories. The middle of the pack is the EX ($15,700) that comes with comfort (air conditioning) but not much on entertainment. The basic is the LX ($14,000) which does not have air conditioning yet. It may sound inconvenient but comparing this price to other cars, it’s a better deal.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

2010 Porsche Panamera

Porsche is often associated to sleek sports cars and remarkable SUVs and this dedication to certain car models has made them one of the most recognized car manufacturers in the world. So it’s no wonder that many Porsche followers were disappointed when the car manufacturer will try its expertise for the first time in sedan. But the disappointed became jubilation and admiration after the 2010 Porsche Panamera was released. It’s not just a four door sedan – it’s a powerful sedan that you can’t find anywhere.

The design of the sedan is truly revolutionary. Instead of following the popular sedan designs of today, the company opted go for what it believes in: aerodynamically designed cars with sleek contours. The result is a stunning sedan that looks a lot like a sports car than the traditional sedan. The front and rear end of the car looks like a lot of its previous Porsche sports cars but the manufacturer extended the body to allow two more seats at the back. The interior is laden with fine leathers and its dashboard features GPS, controls near the shifters and manual meters for monitoring your performance.

The Panamera will have three variants. The Standard version or simply “S”, the “4S” version which is practically the four-wheel drive of the standard and the “Turbo” which provides more power and control to the driver. The starting price of the Panamera should be within the $89,000 range which is actually a better deal since you get to drive more people around than its two-seater brothers.


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