Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Seat Ibiza Bocanegra

Ibiza Bocanegra is the latest line of cars coming from SEAT. As a company well known for their elegantly designed cars, Ibiza Bocanegra doesn’t disappoint. Initial impressions based on the looks of the car are very impressive as it features a sleek and sexy design. The name of the car actually gives part of the description of the car. Bocanegra means black mouth referring to the front end design of the car. Integrated with LED headlights, the black design in the front is just plain gorgeous.

But the car is not just a “front end only” beauty. The general design of the car is nothing less of impressive. The car is also unique in the sense that it doesn’t have the traditional aerodynamic design. Aside from the flowing look of the car found in most aerodynamically designed vehicles, pointed (but non-lethal) edges accentuate the vehicle. The combination of black and blood-red colour is also sexy.

The interior of the car is relatively simple with a few tweaks from SEAT. A central console is already an expected feature considering the design of the car. Black and red-coloured seats are also featured inside the car. The tweak coming from SEAT is the mesh air vent. Instead of the regular window-like vents, mesh will improve air control and flow.

Under the hood will give you a 1.4 TSI engine that comes in two variations of horsepower: 150hp and 180hp. Set to be available later this year, SEAT could easily become one of the sought after car this year simply because of its beauty and relative power.


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