Thursday, June 18, 2009

One of a kind: GTA Spano

The race to provide the best sports car with minimum fuel requirement continues with GTA Spano. Recently, released in Valencia, this beautiful sports car uses only ethanol to push the limits of its 840HP, V10 engine. This powerful car could reach 100kmh in less than three seconds and it can reach the top speed of 350kmh without any problem.

The design of GTA Spano is all about aerodynamics. The front is actually common as you can see the design in most sports cars of today. However, the sideways and the rear design are very unique as they use an almost rounded door to create room for air holes and enough aerodynamic design towards the rear of the car. The body is made of up aeronautic-grade materials which increase the durability of the sports car to a maximum level featuring the combination of Kevlar, carbon fiber and titanium.

The insides of GTA Spano have the latest entertainment technology as well as remarkable security system. Aside from the regular docks (iPod, Navigator and Bluetooth) the car also comes with GPS locator and anti-theft alarms to protect the car and locate it just in case it gets stolen. Electrical handbrake and digital dashboard for controlling virtually everything in the car (including the car seats) are added.

GTA Spano is also set to be a very rare car – only 99 cars will be made with this design. The rarity, uniqueness of the required fuel and the technology has boosted the price of this machine to $670,000 and will be available in 2010. It’s almost a concept car made real by GTA.


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