Monday, June 29, 2009

Mini E rolling out to leasers

The Mini E is BMW’s answer to the increasing demand of electronic cars. First revealed in October 2008, this sub-compact car is set to range to as much as 240kms but could be a lot less in highways and in city streets. Although limited in top speed (95mph) it was never intended for speedy runs on the street. The car runs with lithium Ion and could be fully recharged in less than three hours (in 220V) – a remarkable feat, but owners would be required to have a special charging station in their homes.

But don’t expect full production of the Mini E right now. BMW manufactured only 500 cars for now as they would have like to test the acceptability of the cars first. They would be available for one year lease at the cost of $850 per month. More than 9,500 individuals signed up to be test drivers of the Mini E. Obviously; few were chosen to be part of the year-long program of Mini E which would have extensive requirements such as installation of charging station in their garage.

As test cars, the only downside is the large “MINI” imprinted with the car-charging sign and the car is only two-seater. But driving a beautiful BMW with the latest in electronic car technology is worth the small inconvenience.

Those who were qualified with a monthly lease of the Mini-E are in for a treat. Aside from enjoying this remarkable car, technical support is virtually unlimited as the company wanted to tune-up the car every now and then to ensure its stability.


At last a Green car that looks like, well, A Car. A normal every day car. As soon as green cars LOOK like cars as opposed to small boxes, the masses will embrace the concept of electric cars more-so. I'd buy a green, electric powered Mini today; a G Whizz - never

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