Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aptera 2 to be released in October 2009

Fuel-efficient cars are now the hottest type of vehicles that well publicized fuel efficient cars will most likely have deposits for pre-orders rather companies than going after buyers. The logic behind this phenomenon is simple: consumers do not want to spend thousands of dollars for gas.

That is why Aptera 2 already has more than 4,000 deposits even though their “car” is still set to be released on October 2009. We use the term “car” here loosely because technically, Aptera 2 was classified by the State of California as a motorcycle. Aptera 2 is a three-wheeled vehicle (2 in front, 1 in back) which promises 360-degrees visibility because of size and very unique design. Instead of the traditional motorcycle or car, the Aptera 2 looks like wingless small aircraft.

The first version of Aptera 2 that will be on available on October will be properly named as Aptera 2e (e stands for electric). This electric vehicle should be able to run for 120 miles in perfect driving conditions in a single charge. The top speed of this vehicle is nearly 95mph. The hybrid version, called Aptera 2h, will be available next year. The hybrid is the more promising vehicle as the company claims a single gallon could let the car run up to 300 miles.

The design as well as the fuel efficiency of the vehicle has limited its number of passengers to two, including the driver. The price is still a rumor but many professionals estimate that the car will be no less $20,000 once it goes on sale.


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