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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mini E rolling out to leasers

The Mini E is BMW’s answer to the increasing demand of electronic cars. First revealed in October 2008, this sub-compact car is set to range to as much as 240kms but could be a lot less in highways and in city streets. Although limited in top speed (95mph) it was never intended for speedy runs on the street. The car runs with lithium Ion and could be fully recharged in less than three hours (in 220V) – a remarkable feat, but owners would be required to have a special charging station in their homes.

But don’t expect full production of the Mini E right now. BMW manufactured only 500 cars for now as they would have like to test the acceptability of the cars first. They would be available for one year lease at the cost of $850 per month. More than 9,500 individuals signed up to be test drivers of the Mini E. Obviously; few were chosen to be part of the year-long program of Mini E which would have extensive requirements such as installation of charging station in their garage.

As test cars, the only downside is the large “MINI” imprinted with the car-charging sign and the car is only two-seater. But driving a beautiful BMW with the latest in electronic car technology is worth the small inconvenience.

Those who were qualified with a monthly lease of the Mini-E are in for a treat. Aside from enjoying this remarkable car, technical support is virtually unlimited as the company wanted to tune-up the car every now and then to ensure its stability.

Friday, June 26, 2009

2010 Chevrolet Equinox

The 2010 Chevrolet Equinox couldn’t have been revealed at a better time. Known to be the car introduced one day after GM announced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox is probably the car that says the company is finally changing for the better. Based on the designed and concept, that could exactly be the case.

The 2010 Chevrolet Equinox is dubbed as a “CUV” or a compact utility vehicle but one look at the car and you’ll notice it’s actually a mid-range, which is a good thing. The car is spacious and longer than most vehicles on its category. To be exact, the car is 187.8 inches – longer than Ford Edge, Ford Escape and even the RAV4.

When it comes to design, the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox has shed its old design for a sleeker and more modern look. This is another reason why the car is closer to a mid-sized than a compact. The designers opted to move away from the earlier version to present something bold in its category. The interior is also changed as the dashboard is not as imposing like the previous version. The color (grey, black and brown) combination maybe a little bit off but there’s no denying the new design provides the comfort that you need.

Even the engine was revamped since the car will be using four-cylinder engines. It will also be available in 3.0 liter V6 engine with front wheel and four wheel drive options. Six wheel automatic transmissions will also be available.

As a revamped CUV, the 2010 impresses everyone by its bold change. Hopefully, this would be the car that can help the Chevrolet deal with its problem, even for a short while.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

One of a kind: GTA Spano

The race to provide the best sports car with minimum fuel requirement continues with GTA Spano. Recently, released in Valencia, this beautiful sports car uses only ethanol to push the limits of its 840HP, V10 engine. This powerful car could reach 100kmh in less than three seconds and it can reach the top speed of 350kmh without any problem.

The design of GTA Spano is all about aerodynamics. The front is actually common as you can see the design in most sports cars of today. However, the sideways and the rear design are very unique as they use an almost rounded door to create room for air holes and enough aerodynamic design towards the rear of the car. The body is made of up aeronautic-grade materials which increase the durability of the sports car to a maximum level featuring the combination of Kevlar, carbon fiber and titanium.

The insides of GTA Spano have the latest entertainment technology as well as remarkable security system. Aside from the regular docks (iPod, Navigator and Bluetooth) the car also comes with GPS locator and anti-theft alarms to protect the car and locate it just in case it gets stolen. Electrical handbrake and digital dashboard for controlling virtually everything in the car (including the car seats) are added.

GTA Spano is also set to be a very rare car – only 99 cars will be made with this design. The rarity, uniqueness of the required fuel and the technology has boosted the price of this machine to $670,000 and will be available in 2010. It’s almost a concept car made real by GTA.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aptera 2 to be released in October 2009

Fuel-efficient cars are now the hottest type of vehicles that well publicized fuel efficient cars will most likely have deposits for pre-orders rather companies than going after buyers. The logic behind this phenomenon is simple: consumers do not want to spend thousands of dollars for gas.

That is why Aptera 2 already has more than 4,000 deposits even though their “car” is still set to be released on October 2009. We use the term “car” here loosely because technically, Aptera 2 was classified by the State of California as a motorcycle. Aptera 2 is a three-wheeled vehicle (2 in front, 1 in back) which promises 360-degrees visibility because of size and very unique design. Instead of the traditional motorcycle or car, the Aptera 2 looks like wingless small aircraft.

The first version of Aptera 2 that will be on available on October will be properly named as Aptera 2e (e stands for electric). This electric vehicle should be able to run for 120 miles in perfect driving conditions in a single charge. The top speed of this vehicle is nearly 95mph. The hybrid version, called Aptera 2h, will be available next year. The hybrid is the more promising vehicle as the company claims a single gallon could let the car run up to 300 miles.

The design as well as the fuel efficiency of the vehicle has limited its number of passengers to two, including the driver. The price is still a rumor but many professionals estimate that the car will be no less $20,000 once it goes on sale.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Seat Ibiza Bocanegra

Ibiza Bocanegra is the latest line of cars coming from SEAT. As a company well known for their elegantly designed cars, Ibiza Bocanegra doesn’t disappoint. Initial impressions based on the looks of the car are very impressive as it features a sleek and sexy design. The name of the car actually gives part of the description of the car. Bocanegra means black mouth referring to the front end design of the car. Integrated with LED headlights, the black design in the front is just plain gorgeous.

But the car is not just a “front end only” beauty. The general design of the car is nothing less of impressive. The car is also unique in the sense that it doesn’t have the traditional aerodynamic design. Aside from the flowing look of the car found in most aerodynamically designed vehicles, pointed (but non-lethal) edges accentuate the vehicle. The combination of black and blood-red colour is also sexy.

The interior of the car is relatively simple with a few tweaks from SEAT. A central console is already an expected feature considering the design of the car. Black and red-coloured seats are also featured inside the car. The tweak coming from SEAT is the mesh air vent. Instead of the regular window-like vents, mesh will improve air control and flow.

Under the hood will give you a 1.4 TSI engine that comes in two variations of horsepower: 150hp and 180hp. Set to be available later this year, SEAT could easily become one of the sought after car this year simply because of its beauty and relative power.


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