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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tesla Motors pushing Model S

Model S is the latest electric car to be manufactured by Tesla Motors. Slated to be released in 2011, the Model S is a beautiful sedan said to accommodate up to five adults and could be complemented with two children. The sedan features beautiful curves in the front with small compartment on the back. It has the structure of a simple sedan but the design has made all the difference.

With regards to performance, the Model S could be at par with some of the gas-guzzling sedans of today. It will only take 5.6 seconds to reach 60mph and the speed could be up to 120mps. The power of the Model S could be compared to current sport sedan models which offer an impressive speed with power. The Model S also features all wheel-drive mechanism in some of the Model S variants.

The most important part of the electric car is its promise of energy saving features. According to Tesla Motors, the upcoming Model S is almost two times more energy efficient compared to a hybrid. A fully charged Model S could run up to 300 miles without charging. The car is said to be fully charged in only 45 minutes and you can even charge the car for only five minutes (battery swap) for shorter trips.

Even though the car is yet to be released in 2011, reservations are already underway. The most affordable version of Model S would be from $57,400 not including the tax rebate. Reservation fee for the car could be done for $5,000.


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