Monday, March 02, 2009

A hobby for automaniacs

Drivers and tennis players should visit a website where they have a wide range of rackets and accessories to choose from. Shopping for the right racket is not easy: they come in different styles and sizes and the buyer should pay attention to the head size, technology, price and brand.

For example beginners should consider a racket with a head size of 107-125 sq. in. because they allow the player to focus and perfect the swing. Intermediate players should consider a head size of 99-106 sq. in. because it offers both power and control over the game. For advanced players, the head size is smaller: 90-98 sq. in. which are more control oriented.The website provides a buyer's guide and useful advice for many products: strings, nets etc.

The website also has a guide for buyers, where all the questions are answered, so that the buyer can make a good buying decision. Apart from rackets and racquets, the website offers a wide range of accessories like: nets, strings, rebounders, ball machines, gym floor covers, bags, shoes and apparel for men and women. Almost all brands are covered: Boris Becker Tennis, Head, Gamma, Prince,Reebok and many more. Prince tennis rackets have a special offer: for every racket you buy, you get a special bag offer.

The good news is that tennis players can take advantage of the online sales and get their equipment for very special prices. Then they can drive their favourite car to the tennis club and enjoy an active day.


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