Friday, March 27, 2009

2009 Fiat 500c

Since the success of the retro style Fiat 500 that came out in Europe, it should come as no shock that a 2009 Fiat 500c is on the way. This is a great version of the car that now has a great drop top to go with it. The design of this soft top does not make it your typical convertible car at all. However, the main goal was to make this car stay true to the original 1957 open top model cars, and they have done just that. Although you will not get the full top down “experience”, it is more than enough to please most riders.

Just like most convertibles today, putting down the top of the 2009 Fiat 500c only takes the push of a button. At the start, this car will come out in three different colors. These colors are red, black, and ivory.

Now for the good stuff! The 2009 Fiat 500c comes with a 75hp, 1.3 litre diesel engine. You can get a 100hp, 1.4 litre gasoline engine if you want. The manual transmission models will, of course, showcase new automatic start and stop technology. It's always worth noting that this car is really good on gas mileage. Thus, for people who are looking for both a car to drive them around everyday and a pleasure car, this car is perfect for you.

This car is set to launch in Europe this spring, but if you keep your fingers crossed, you may hear a rumour that Chrysler is planning on bringing the 2009 Fiat 500c to the US. Although this has not been planned out, you could always special order your car from overseas.


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