Friday, February 06, 2009

Exeo Saloon by SEAT to be Released in Spring

SEAT is one of the many Europe based car manufacturing company that offers elegantly designed cars without having to trouble their owners with fuel usage. In spring, the Exeo Saloon will become available in different countries in Europe. The expected price of the standard saloon will be at the very least, £17,740. Based on its price, it’s geared towards those who wanted to spend a little bit more for an elegantly designed car with maximum efficiency. Depending on the country of release, the car will come in different maximum speed however; the 0 to 62 miles per hour were registered to be in less than 10 seconds.

The real beauty of the Exeo Saloon is actually on the inside. Although the engines will come in a variety of forms depending on the preferences of the customer, fuel usage of Exeo Saloon will have an average of 51.4mpg. This feature is very impressive considering it will be built for those who are in the upper class.

The dashboard is also impressive as it keeps up with the latest in technology not only in cars but for consumers as well. USB powered devices could be charged or used in the car. These devices could range from Mp3 players, handheld gadgets and mobile phones. The car will be fitted with 18” aluminum alloys wherein its striking beauty will only be complemented bi-xenon headlights. Standard upholstery will be in black leather.

Additional features could be installed in the car depending on the request of the owner. GPS, electronic adjustments, and sunroof could be added upon request.


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